NNELL members are invited to participate in all  webinars throughout the year free of charge.  You will also have access to all webinars that are archived in our library.

Here are a few of the webinars in our library:


“Technology in the Early Language Classroom, ” April 11, 2019,   Kelly Condon and Aaron Snyder


“If it Isn’t Real, it isn’t part of the Curriculum.” April 3. 2019 provided by ACTFL’s Language Learning for Children Special Interest Group,  Rita Oleksak and Kate Krotzer


“But I Only Teach Once A Week!” Creating Memorable Experiences in The World Language Classroom: March 14, 2019,    Albert Fernandez


“It’s the Little Things: How Small Routines Can Make a Big Difference, ” February 21, 2019, Talia Block


“Moving on up: Helping Elementary Learners Extend Their Proficiency Level.”  January 22, 2019,  Nathan Lutz


“Intercultural Communicative Competence Can Do Statements,”  May 17, 2018, Dorie Colon Perugini

“Magic in the Elementary Classroom,”  Presented by: Annabelle Allen

“Encouraging a CAN DO Attitude through Classroom Management Strategies,” Presented by: Nadine Jacobsen-McLean