Dear NNELL Summer Summit Registrant,

 Thank you so much for registering for our virtual Summer Summit! We look forward to your participation! 

 As the event approaches, we will send more information. In the meantime, relax a little and enjoy the summer.  We acknowledge that this year, teachers worldwide endured the biggest change in education ever! It was hard, but YOU DID IT! Congratulations! You deserve a break – so take some time to reflect , refresh and celebrate your accomplishments!

Toward the end of June, we will share more specific details about our Virtual Summer Summit 2021 sessions and the presenters in an email to you.  At that time, our schedule at a glance, detailed schedule, and presenter bios will all be posted on our website as well.

If you’re interested in buying an EarlyLang t-shirt for you or your early language learner, check out our listings on Teespring! Meanwhile, if you are looking for inspiration for some early language resources, we’ve got you covered! You are a member of  *NNELL – so feel free to peruse the many resources in our Members Only section of the website:

*Please note: If you are a new member of NNELL, or are rejoining after a lapse of time, it will take 2-3 business days to process your membership, so you may not be able to access the members only areas of the website immediately. If you have difficulty after 3 days, please contact

We’re so glad you’ll be joining us for the Summer Summit and collaborating with us in  2021-22! 

See you soon!

The NNELL Summer Summit Planning Team