How To Effectively Build a Program

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Starting a Program

Program Building Resources

Enhancing the Curriculum


  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages: Integrated Performance Assessments
  • Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition: Integrated Performance Assessments
How to Network through Listservs
This Section offers online resources on how to network listservs. Click the links below to access these resources. The pages will open in a new window. Close the window when you need to return to this page.
  • FLTEACH – The Foreign Language Teaching Forum is an integrated service for FL teachers including a WWW Page, an email listserv, archives, and the FLNews server at the State University of New York College at Cortland.
  • Ñandutí – is a listserv for school district personnel, superintendents, teachers, college and university teacher educators, and parents, is sponsored by the Improving Foreign Language Instruction project of the Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory At Brown University (LAB) and funded by the U.S. Department of Education.
Program Building Success Stories
  • Author(s): Douglas F. Gilzow & Lucinda E. Branaman
  • This describes seven successful foreign language programs that start in preschool or the elementary grades and continue through high school. They include both FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary School) and immersion programs. Written in clear, non-technical language, this book can be used by parents, teachers, administrators, and community members who are interested in developing an early foreign language program or who are looking for ideas on how to maintain, enhance, or expand an existing program.
Maintaining a Program
Developing strategies to maintain your early language learning program is critical to its continuity. Included in this section are strategies for maintaining your program and links to Web sites of schools/school districts that have actively promoted their programs.