Honorary Lifetime Membership to NNELL, 2016


We would like to recognize the following 26 people who were the founding members of NNELL. They were part of a group who attended a historic FLES networking session, at the 1986 ACTFL Conference in Dallas, when it was decided that it was time to form an official network for early language learning. Of the group at that session, those listed below attended a “FLES Network Planning Meeting” at the Center for Applied Linguistics from January 31 to February 1, 1987 when NNELL was founded. Thank you all for your continued support. We couldn’t do it without you!


Carolyn Andrade Rosemarie Benya Christine Brown Helena Curtain
Jack Darcy Diane Ging Betsy Grob Donna Grundstadt
Mari Haas Nancy Hess Sheri Houpt Laureen Hurt
Melanie Klutts Sara Lindsley Gladys Lipton Myriam Met
Kurt Muller Bettye Myer Carol Ann Pesola Joy Rehjilian-Burgy
Nancy Rhodes Kathleen Riordan Marcia Rosenbusch Elsa Statzner
G. Richard Tucker Susan Walker

In the Spring 1991 issue of NNELL’s publication FLES News, we announced the decision that NNELL was changing from an informal network to a formal organization. On the membership form, we said, “In honor of NNELL becoming an official organization, anyone who renews their subscription or becomes a member for the first time by Fall 1991 will be listed as a Founding Member of NNELL.