NNELL  provides ongoing professional development for educators.

  • NNELL members enjoy ongoing professional development opportunities.  Join us to participate in bi-monthly #EarlyLang Chats with colleagues. Access transcripts of previous #EarlyLang Chats on our website.
  • NNELL members have access to ongoing free webinars and our complete webinar library, so you can access professional development at your leisure.
  • NNELL Café is a professional development series that is available to our members so that you can organize a collaborative learning event at your school or community.  Let NNELL Café provide the springboard for the next conversation of your PLC. NNELL Café also is an opportunity for you to share your expertise.  Would you like to create a NNELL Café session to share? Contact us.
  • NNELL hosts an annual Summer Institute where early language educators gather to share and learn from experts in the field and each other.  This year we will meet in Chicago.
  • NNELL publishes two journals dedicated to the instruction of young language- learners each year.  Our website contains a library of all past issues of our members to access.
  • NNELL members receive NNELL ENews in your inbox to keep you up to date on issues, events and trends in Early Language. NNELL ENews is also a place for you to publish events of import to you and your language community.